Observation and kittens

I sat on my desk bench last Thursday evening with a feeling of sorrowful resignation. It was going to be another whole week ’til the kittens would be visiting us. Our offset was off by seven days! Darn my spouse and her misunderstanding!

We’ve started to be that temporary helping home to whom you can entrust your doggies, rats and kittens – pets of all sorts – while you’re off on a vacation. I find myself loving those brief periods of a life lively – many living things sharing the same quarters.

I used to think of myself as an observer. I merely pointed my eye on things people other than me were creating or interacting with. I judged them with an unerring eye. I gave a verdict juxtaposed with my own life. Oh, that teenage arrogance! I had it in stocks and barrels. I stamped myself a forever-to-be observer and then quietly grew numb to all those stems of noxious aggression this choice ever nourished.

Those little branches still stroke me where I’m occupied, you know. Shedding the subjectness to become a full-fledged object is hard, let me tell you.

But let me tell you some other day.


Tietoja Raimu

A play on life.
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